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Macaron Masterclass (SAT OCT 7th)

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 Saturday October 7th 2:00p-5:00p

510 S 5th St Philadelphia PA 19147 (5th street between Lombard and South)

French Macarons-delicate and complicated made simple in this masterclass.


In this class you will learn:

Meringue, the base of macarons, what stages to whip it to, and how to avoid over-whipping which can lead to failed macarons. 

Macaronage- the process of folding dry ingredients into the meringues to make macaron batter. This stage makes or breaks macarons.

Resting- macaron shells must rest before baking to form the infamous "feet".

Baking- Temperatures and times to bake at for the best result, shiny shells and perfect texture. 

 Maturation- macaron shells are best after they have matured. Learn proper storage and filling techniques.

  A variety of fillings and toppings will be provided for filling and decorating, students will take home their creations.

This class includes:

Course notes and pro tips

Macaron recipes

Troubleshooting Sheet

Templates for shaped macarons

Equipment and supply lists